Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024

“Tomorrow’s Icons” And “Best-Dressed”: How EXO’s Chanyeol And SNSD’s Taeyeon Stole The Spotlight At Tommy Hilfiger Show

On September 5th KST, the U.S. magazine VOGUE wrote two articles about EXO‘s Chanyeol and his appearance at the Tommy Hilfiger fashion show in Shanghai, as well as mentioning him in yet another article that reviewed the entire show.

While one article raved over his new hair color and brought up previous show-stopping look  at Tommy Hilfiger’s Fall 2017 show during London Fashion Week, another of their articles just couldn’t get enough of his outfit and great style. VOGUE talked about all the amazing celebrities who appeared at the event— such as SNSD‘s Taeyeon, Hailey Baldwin, and Louis Hamilton— and bragged on their fashion, but they ultimately named Chaneyol as the best-dressed man of the night and said he “stole the show.” They stated, “There was no shortage of star power at Tommy Hilfiger’s immersive extravaganza. And yet one attendee stood out from the pack: EXO’s Chanyeol.”

In the article that reviewed the entire Tommy Hilfiger FALL 2018 READY-TO-WEAR show in Shanghai, VOGUE pointed out that the mega-star of the evening was Chanyeol, sharing how a “hysterical mass of fans who literally pressed their noses against the glass wall surrounding the venue” hoped to catch a glimpse of him. They also covered his entire head-to-toe look for the evening, making a prediction that the $290 black monogrammed crewneck would “sell like hotcakes.”

In fact, VOGUE loved his look so much, as well as his previous Tommy fashion show look and airport fashion, the magazine went so far as to hint that they would like to see a collaboration project called “Tommy x Chanyeol.”

On the other hand, the lovely SNSD leader Taeyeon was also one of photographers’ favorites of the night for her great fashion and style. With  a black leather skirt and luxe furry sweater, her outfit emitted both modern style and classic appeal. With her outfit a complimentary choice to Chanyeol’s, the two SMTOWN label mates looked like they had just stepped off the runway or at least out of a photoshoot. In fact, Mr. Hilfiger himself took a picture with Chanyeol, Taeyeon, and Louis Hamilton. The photo was later uploaded to the designer’s brand page, calling them all “Icons of Tomorrow.”

Congratulations to Chanyeol and Taeyeon for once again receiving attention from the global fashion world and proving once more that Kpop stars just seem to be at the top of the game when it comes to unique style and amazing fashion sense.

Stay tuned for a special article on how you can get Chanyeol and Taeyeon’s iconic looks for your own closet!

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Source: Vogue 1, Vogue 2, Vogue 3