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The Man And His Music: G-Dragon And Kwon Ji Yong See Each Other Again

G-Dragon is back, and so is Kwon Ji Yong! With a world tour currently underway, this mega superstar has more to say with his music than usual. During his concert in Seoul, questions were presented to his family and friends to find out the difference between Ji Yong and G-Dragon. Are there really two sides to him?

As G-Dragon, he has come a long way— 10 years to be exact— in being the leader of BIGBANG and helping them achieve their success as the top Kpop artists today. He flaunts daring fashion choices and raps with a cool high pitch, and we also can’t help but be mesmerized by the metaphorical scenes of his music videos too.

Kwon Ji Yong would just put on a half-smile and brush off the nonexistent sweat from his brow with the back of his palms when asked about his love life. He is shy around people and sometimes feels alone in his own home that is full of luxurious items that he has attained.

“Who is G Dragon to you?” and “Who is Kwon Ji-Yong?” are the questions that start off his recent concerts as many people who have surrounded him for so long try to answer in detail.

There were many things said about his stage persona and his real self, but what it is more interesting is the head-on collision that happens when they both confront each other. With his current album, G-Dragon showed that he simply needed to go back to his roots to reflect on how far he has come. In doing so, he finally released what Kwon Ji Yong has needed for the longest time— his own mini-album.

Many artists who have successfully made wonderful legacies with a life-long career have often needed to go back to their starting point. G-Dragon himself has had so many albums, so many concerts, and so many activities over his busy career. He has been through so much since he first joined the business as a young child.

The song “Divina Commedia” sums up his recent self-titled album in a melancholy mood. The phrase comes from a famous piece of Italian literature in history that describes an allegorical journey of the soul. The lyrics of the song share that it has all been a dream up to this point in his life, however, he assures his own mother that he is still at his best. Essentially, G-Dragon just had to back off for a minute and let Kwon Ji Yong shine for a bit in order to breathe and recollect himself. Ji Yong has so much more to say in the rest of the tracks as well, so this new album is not to be missed!

I hope to see another reconciliation between G-Dragon and Kwon Ji Yong in the future. Hopefully, we won’t have to see only one or the other, but we’ll be treated to the ultimate blending of both. What do you think about the way he presented himself with this comeback? Who si the better artist in your mind— G-Dragon or Kwon Ji Yong?

Who is G-Dragon to you? Who is Kwon Ji Yong? Let us know in the comments below!

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