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TEEN TOP’s Chunji And GFRIEND’s Eunha Release Teasers For Collaboration Track

UPDATED: On October 24th, a new set of teaser images and lyrics spoilers has been released for the upcoming duet from TEEN TOP‘s Chunji and GFRIEND‘s EunhaIn addition, a new preview clip was released as well. Check it out!

UPDATED: A new teaser video, as well as a new set of lyrics teasers, has been released for the duet from Eunha and Chunji! Check them out below. Doesn’t this look so sweet?

UPDATED: An art film teaser has been released for the duet from Chunji and Eunha! What do you think?

UPDATED: On October 21st, a new teaser was released for the upcoming collaboration between Chunji and Eunha! The teaser video was released in the form of an illustrated clip, giving off a sweet, nostalgic vibe that is perfect for fall. In addition, two preview videos were also released.

Check it out below!

ORIGINAL: TEEN TOP and GFRIEND fans, are you excited for the collaboration between your favorite groups?

On October 20th, teaser images were revealed for the upcoming track from Chunji and Eunha. The idols make an adorable couple in the sweet teaser images that are awash with the golden lights of late afternoon.

The singers are released “Left Hand Right Hand” as part of the “Best Friend Project,” a music project where the CEOs of TOP Media and Source Music celebrate their long-standing friendship with one another. The two have been friends for over 15 years and will be working together by allowing their artists to release special collaborations. This is the second duet to be released so far.

“Left Hand Right Hand” will drop on October 26th, so stay tuned!

Check out the teaser images below! What do you think?

Media: TOP Media/Source Media

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