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INTERVIEW: Get To Know The Up-And-Coming Korean Hip-Hop Artist Core.Low

This week, WTK was able to sit down with Core.Low, Korea’s newest indie R&B artist. The 24-year-old from Seoul just released his newest single, entitled “Netflix and Chillin,” on December 21st— a sleek, jazz-infused hip-hop track that is just as chill as its name. Coming up next on Core.Low’s schedule is the release of a […]Read More

An Interview With Alan Z: The Next, Up-And-Coming Asian-American Artist

The Atlanta music scene has recently been buzzing with talks about a local artist named Alan Z. With recommendations from YouTubers such as JRE from JREKML and Salv from Salv and Family, there’s no question as to why the Kpop world has taken interest as well. This Asian-American artist delivers refreshing raps that are reminiscent of both old and new […]Read More