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WATCH: ENOi Knows Your “W.A.Y (Where Are You)” In Epic Comeback MV

With their second special album W.A.Y (雨 – WhereAreYou), Kithewhale Entertainment‘s self-producing idol group ENOi are back with the trendy and emotive track, “W.A.Y (Where Are You).” Released on August 6th at 6 p.m. KST, the title song resonates a strong, emotional vibe within a cold atmosphere, using “neuro bass” and other audio techniques to create […]Read More

WATCH: Yoon Jisung Gets Thoughtful In “I’ll Be There” MV

Yoon Jisung relays his genuine thoughts in his latest release! On April 25th at 6 p.m. KST, Yoon Jisung dropped a special music video for his new title track, entitled,”I’ll Be There.” The medium-tempo song relays a wish to stay together and create more memories as they continue to go through what life has in […]Read More

WATCH: GOT7 Brings About Holiday Magic In Comeback MV For “Miracle”

GOT7 has made their comeback! On December 3rd at 6 p.m. KST, the popular JYP Entertainment group dropped the music video for “Miracle.” The beautiful ballad has extended solo parts for each member, allowing every single one of them a special chance to truly let their voices be heard. The gorgeous song has slight jazz […]Read More

WATCH: SNUPER Is Back With Charming, New Music Video “You In My Eyes”

SNUPER is back! On October 8th, the very talented K-pop group made their comeback with “내 눈에는 니가” (translated as “You In My Eyes”).  The sweet love song tells the object of their affection just how beautiful and perfect she appears in their eyes. “You In My Eyes” is the title track off the group’s […]Read More

SEVENTEEN To Release Special Album For Upcoming Comeback

SEVENTEEN will be returning very soon! With talented members and a solid fandom, SEVENTEEN was revealed to be releasing a special album this February. Pledis Entertainment confirmed the news earlier today on the announcement. Details on the comeback concept have not been released, but the popular boy band will be back on February 5th KST. […]Read More

EXO Promises Eternal Love In New MV “For Life”

EXO is back with their beautiful new winter album “For Life.” The title track and MV, also of the same name, were released through SMTOWN‘s official YouTube channel on December 19th at midnight KST. The beautiful pop ballad tells the story of a man who confesses his sincere love and vows to remain faithful for […]Read More

Apink Releases Teaser For Upcoming MV “Cause You’re My Star”

Apink has released the teaser for their upcoming music video “Cause You’re My Star.” The teaser was released on December 13th at midnight KST and is the title track of their new album Dear. The special album is being released for the holidays and will feature several new tracks, along with acoustic tracks of some […]Read More