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OPINION: Should K-pop Artists Speak Up About Black Lives Matter?

We are at a time where tensions are high and justice and equality are being demanded. The Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement has been growing throughout the United States and embraced around the world. As more people are educating themselves about America’s racial disparity, the number of people openly voicing their support for the movement […]Read More

K-Culture Special: Celebrating The Korean New Year “Seollal”

*This article was originally published for Lunar New Year 2017. Seollal (설날) is Korea’s New Year— a culturally significant holiday that occurs on the second new moon following the winter solstice. This year, it occurs on January 25th! In this K-culture series, we’re going to be talking about the special holiday and how Korean celebrate […]Read More

K-Culture Special: How Do Koreans Celebrate Christmas?

A special time of the year has come around once more! Lights, mistletoe, Christmas trees, and shopping for presents are some of the traditions of the season. Christmas is the time we spend with family and friends, but how do Koreans (specifically those in South Korea) celebrate it? If you walk down a busy street, […]Read More

Indonesian President To Meet With Super Junior During Visit To Korea

It has been revealed that Joko Widodo, the president of Indonesia, will meet with Super Junior during his trip to Korea. The president is visiting South Korea on a state trip and while there, he will meet the famous Kpop idol group. The president has already talked about Super Junior on previous occasions, admitting that he […]Read More

Aseul, Neon Bunny, And More Perform At Zandari Festa 2017

This week in Hongdae, the largest music showcase festival in Korea was held! If you heeded the advice of What The Kpop as to why this is a must-attend event for music fans, then you were one of the lucky fans at the Zandari Festa and able to hear some of the most amazing indie […]Read More

7 Random Facts About Korea (That Might Surprise You)

South Korea is a wonderful place with a rich history and amazing culture that goes way beyond Kpop and great food! Read on to find out seven random facts about this amazing place— some of which may surprise you! Panamami started listening to Kpop and watching Kdramas in early Feb 2015. She finally succeeded in getting […]Read More

7 Great Places To Visit In Busan This Winter

The city of Busan is the second largest city in South Korea and has many wonderful places to visit and things to do! If you’re planning a trip to Korea,then this beautiful city is easy and convenient to reach. Upon taking a train from Seoul, you arrive in a little less than three hours! Apart […]Read More