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WATCH: GFRIEND Responds To The Call In Enchanting “Apple” Music Video

On July 13th at 6 p.m. KST, GFRIEND returned with a new album and a music video for their lead single, “Apple”! Members Eunha and Yuju teamed up with PDogg, FRANTS, and Big Hit Entertainment CEO Bang SiHyuk to write and compose the pop track. “Apple” has lyrics that sing about being conflicted about choices […]Read More

WATCH: GFRIEND Drops Charming MV For Title Track “Sunrise”

On January 14th at 6 p.m. KST, GFRIEND released their second album, entitled Time for Us and followed it up by dropping the MV for their title track, “Sunrise”! The song “Sunrise” was written by No Joo Hwan and Lee Won Jong, who were also behind GFRIEND’s song “Time for the Moon Night.” The lyrics […]Read More

WATCH: GFRIEND Sings Of A Seasonal Fling In Cheery “Sunny Summer” MV

GFRIEND and their trademark charm are officially back! The group released mini album Sunny Summer on July 19th, 2018 at 6 PM KST, along with the music video for the album’s title track of the same name. The single “Sunny Summer” is a pop dance track with an addictive refrain and refreshing summer theme that […]Read More

WATCH: GFRIEND’s Yuju And IZ’s Jihoo Release MV For “Heart Signal”

GFRIEND‘s Yuju and IZ‘s Jihoo are finally out with their “Heart Signal” music video. Yuju of GFRIEND and Jihoo of flower boy band IZ have collaborated for a new track, “Heart Signal.” With a warm and loving atmosphere, the chemistry between the two can definitely be seen through the new video and song. In related news, […]Read More

TEEN TOP’s Chunji And GFRIEND’s Eunha Release Teasers For Collaboration Track

UPDATED: On October 24th, a new set of teaser images and lyrics spoilers has been released for the upcoming duet from TEEN TOP‘s Chunji and GFRIEND‘s Eunha! In addition, a new preview clip was released as well. Check it out! [ D-2 ] #천지(#틴탑) #은하(#여자친구)_ #왼손_오른손 Preview Clip #5 pic.twitter.com/3q1hQJhv8j — * TEEN TOP * 틴탑 * (@TEEN_TOP) October 24, 2017 UPDATED: […]Read More