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YG Confirms BLACKPINK Will Appear On “Running Man”

BLACKPINK fans have something to look forward to— the popular new girl group is set to appear on an upcoming episode of “Running Man.” A source from YG Entertainment confirmed that the group is filming this week for their first “Running Man” appearance. The group burst onto the Kpop scene just a few months ago with explosive results. […]Read More

Tears, Laughter, And Memories Fill Gary’s Last Episode Of “Running Man”

Get out your handkerchiefs, “Running Man” fans! Gary‘s final episode has aired, and it’s full of tears, laughter, and memories that will touch your heart. Instead of focusing on the sadness of losing a member, the production crew thought it would be best to do fun games to make everyone laugh. They invaded Gary’s studio, […]Read More

Most Popular Variety Shows Revealed Through November Rankings

On November 5th, the Korean Business Research Institute revealed the most popular variety shows through the brand reputation rankings for November. The data was collected over the month of October and was organized into the top 20 variety shows in Korea. The top three shows are all on the MBC network, marking a big success […]Read More

BREAKING NEWS: Gary To Leave Running Man To Pursue His Music Career

A short while ago, it was announced that Gary, popular member of the hit SBS outdoor variety show “Running Man,” would be leaving the program to focus on his music career. Gary has long since been a musician and artist. In addition to being a soloist and rapper, he is also the rapper and lyricist […]Read More

10 Of The Best “Running Man” Episodes Ever

When coming into the world of K-pop or K-dramas, one would definitely come across variety shows as well. One of the most famous variety shows in Korea is “Running Man.” Started in 2010, it’s one of the longest running shows in South Korea. The show includes multiple kinds of games, including the ever-popular “Name Tag Elimination.” […]Read More

Running Man: Name Tag Elimination is Back & TWICE is Returning Soon

Running Man‘s PD has confirmed that TWICE will return to the show again soon. The episode will feature all the members, who will appear for the entire hour. Running Man has always been famous for having a lot of special guests every week, but in the past few months, special appearances by guests have been […]Read More