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WATCH: VIXX’s N Is Downright Creepy In “Last Fantasia” Performance Video

VIXX‘s leader N yet again slays the horror concept in his new performance video! Just last month, N gifted fans with a refined and artistic performance video for his birthday. On August 27, N shared yet another dance. This “Last Fantasia” performance video showcases a visually gorgeous and equally creepy dance. N’s shirt is stained […]Read More

WATCH: iKON Drops Aesthetic Performance Video For “Killing Me”

iKON has just released a performance video for their latest song, “Killing Me”! On August 20 at 11 a.m. KST, iKON fans can watch as the members dance against a static backdrop, illuminated by a single light from above. The camera zooms in and out artistically as the wall behind them slowly changes colors. The […]Read More

WATCH: Stray Kids Releases Charismatic Performance Video For “M.I.A”

Stray Kids has dropped another performance video for new track “M.I.A”! Composed by members Changbin, Bang Chan and Han, “M.I.A” is a hip-hop track included in their second mini album I Am Who.  The track itself has a chill and relaxing atmosphere. The choreography also gives off a chill vibe, as the members take it down a notch […]Read More

WATCH: PRISTIN V Drops Special Performance Video For “Spotlight”

PRISTIN V has released a special performance video for their song “Spotlight.” On July 9th, the PRISTIN sub-unit dropped a “present version” video for the song. “Spotlight” is the B-track from the unit’s debut single album, Like a V. The video shows the gorgeous ladies dancing under spotlights amid a smokey stage. They are dressed in […]Read More

WATCH: AOA Drops Special Choreography Video For “Super Duper”

AOA has released a choreography video for “Super Duper.” The cute new song is off AOA’s newest album, Bingle Bangle. To celebrate the success of their title track by the same name, the group promised to release a suit version video of the B-track “Super Duper.” The video shows the lovely members in black-and-white, suit-inspired outfits as […]Read More

WATCH: Stray Kids Drops Strong Performance Video for “Mirror”

Stray Kids has released intense dance performance video for ‘’Mirror’’! JYP Entertainment‘s newest rookie boy group is out to wow fans with their ferocious dance choreography for their “Mirror’’ performance video which was released an midnight on April 23rd. “Mirror’’ is the third track from their official debut album I Am Not which was released […]Read More

WATCH: Stray Kids Spread Their Wings In New Performance MV

Stray Kids has released a new video! On January 15th, the upcoming JYP Entertainment boy group released a performance video for “어린 날개 (Spread My Wings).” The cool video shows the members on top of a building in Korea, the blue sky above them as they show off their amazing dance moves. The song is […]Read More

WATCH: GOT7 Drops Cool Performance MV For “Teenager”

GOT7 has revealed a special video for their fans! On December 6th, the JYP Entertainment boy band dropped a performance MV for their recent track “Teenager.” The song was originally released as a B-track but proved to be a huge hit with fans. As the group release the “Present Version” of their recent album, 7 for […]Read More

WATCH: MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul Drops Performance Video For Solo Song “Worthless”

MAMAMOO member Moonbyul has recently revealed a new video for her solo track “Worthless.” On November 29th, an official performance video was released for Moonbyul’s solo track “Worthless.” In the new video, a beautiful R&B track can be heard accompanied by Moonbyul and her dancers showcasing the song choreography. “Worthless” is Moonbyul’s signature solo song […]Read More

WATCH: SHINee’s Taemin Drops Performance Video For “Thirsty”

SHINee‘s Taemin is out with his performance video for “Thirsty.” SHINee member Taemin has released the “OFF-SICK Concert Version” of his “Thirsty” performance video. The new video is part of “SM STATION 2” for the month of November. With intense and intricate choreography that will capture your mind, Taemin’s new video will preoccupy your thoughts […]Read More