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WATCH: NCT U’s Mark And Lucas Look Amazing In New Teasers For “Boss”

UPDATED: NCT U has released new teasers for members Mark and Lucas! The young artists look amazing as they pose in their individual teaser photos, as well as their joint teaser video. NCT U will make their comeback on February 19th with “Boss.” Check out the teasers below! UPDATED: SMTOWN has now released teasers for NCT U members WinWin and Jaehyun. In addition […]Read More

WATCH: NCT Members Stun In Newest “Yearbook #2” Teasers

UPDATED: On February 1st, two days after the release of the first “NCT 2018 Yearbook” video, a second clip was released. It follows the same guidelines as the first, showing off all 18 members, each in their own unique photo shoot, but this time with artistic and unique ways of showcasing their names. Quickly following the […]Read More

WATCH: NCT U’s Doyoung, Taeil & Jaehyun Drop Beautiful “Timeless” MV

NCT U‘s Doyoung, Taeil, and Jaehyun have released their new track for SM STATION. On January 12th, the talented singers released the beautiful ballad “Timeless.” The sad lyrics of the song tell about regretting a lost love and wanting to reunite with them once more. Meanwhile, the video is shot as a live performance, showing the […]Read More

NCT Announces Official Fandom Name As Chosen By Fans

The NCT fandom finally has a name! On June 12th, the popular SMTOWN unit gathered together on a V Live broadcast to talk with fans. This included the members of NCT U, NCT 127, and NCT Dream.  Recently, fans were given the opportunity to send in suggestions for their fandom name. It seems many fans had […]Read More

NCT’s Ten Shows Off Dance Skills In New MV For SM STATION

The newest SM STATION track has been released! On April 6th, NCT‘s Ten dropped the music video for “Dream In A Dream.” The beautiful MV and performance video showcases Ten’s amazing skills as a dancer. The video was shot with an artistic, colorful aesthetic and featured a martial arts vibe to the choreography. The MV also […]Read More

NCT ‘Dream’ Maknae Unit To Debut In August

Are you ready for the attack of the maknaes?! On August 19th, 2016, SM Entertainment dropped two teaser images of their newest members for NCT Dream. NCT Dream will be the 3rd unit for the group NCT (Neo Cultural Technology). The two members that have so far been introduced are Jisung and Chen Le. The concept […]Read More

NCT Releases Teaser Image Hinting At Comeback

NCT released a teaser image today hinting at a comeback. The picture left some fans puzzled as they tried to figure out the meaning. It shows a large image of the globe with different lines and arrows, with the country of South Korea highlighted in red. While some fans think this means that NCT U […]Read More