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K-Culture Special: How Do Koreans Celebrate Christmas?

A special time of the year has come around once more! Lights, mistletoe, Christmas trees, and shopping for presents are some of the traditions of the season. Christmas is the time we spend with family and friends, but how do Koreans (specifically those in South Korea) celebrate it? If you walk down a busy street, […]Read More

A.C.E To Embark On Mini World Tour This March

A.C.E is ready to go on their first world tour! After debuting last year, rookie group A.C.E has just released their “2018 A.C.E Global Fan-Con Schedule” for their mini world tour starting this March. Other countries are still in discussion, and venue locations will be released later when confirmed. Be sure to stay updated with […]Read More

Megan Bowen Shares Some Misunderstandings Foreigners Have Faced In Korea

K-life YouTuber Megan Bowen has uploaded a new video on misunderstandings made about foreigners in Korea. In a past video, Megan Bowen talked about what some foreigners have misunderstood about Koreans and decided to do a view from the opposite viewpoint— what foreigners have been misunderstood about by Koreans! Previously known as Chonunmigooksaram (저는미국사람), Megan Bowen […]Read More

South Korean Celebrities Allowed To Appear On Chinese TV After THAAD Fallout

South Korean celebrities and content are now allowed to appear on Chinese television. South Korean and Chinese relations have normalized after the THAAD, or Terminal High Altitude Area Defense, has been lifted. Deployment of THAAD installed a missile system in Korea, affecting broadcasts of Korean content in China. Some broadcasting stations have now started airing Kdramas. […]Read More

Aseul, Neon Bunny, And More Perform At Zandari Festa 2017

This week in Hongdae, the largest music showcase festival in Korea was held! If you heeded the advice of What The Kpop as to why this is a must-attend event for music fans, then you were one of the lucky fans at the Zandari Festa and able to hear some of the most amazing indie […]Read More

WTK Review: The Important, Powerful Story Of “Battleship Island”

“Battleship Island” has finally been released in the U.S., and many fans are wondering it is really worthy of all the hype. After watching the movie on opening weekend, I can definitely assure you that tt has some comical and powerful elements to it, but also contains thought-provoking moments and betrayals as well. Korea is […]Read More

BIGBANG’s Taeyang To Release Special Song For Upcoming Olympics

BIGBANG‘s Taeyang has been named as an honorary ambassador for the upcoming 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics! In addition, the singer will be releasing a special song for the global event. A ceremony was held on June 21st KST to appoint Taeyang as an honorary ambassador, an honor which he was happy to accept. As far as releasing a song […]Read More

NCT’s First Showcase Sells Out In Five Seconds

NCT‘s popularity is growing every day, and they certainly proved that when tickets for their first showcase went on sale! On June 10th KST, the tickets for NCT’s first showcase went on sale and sold out in 5 seconds! The venue seats 1,000 people and every ticket was snapped up immediately. The ticket site said they […]Read More

Racism In Korea: Why Blackface Continues To Be A Problem Today

South Korea is a beautiful place to live and/or visit, however, it still has some ways to go in being attentive to cultural diversity. Sometimes, things that are said or done can be insensitive to certain groups of people. Because Korea is such a homogenous country, they tend to dismiss these insensitivities due to the […]Read More

Buzzfeed Photoshops Staff Members To Fit Korean Beauty Standards Of Today

Given the amount of plastic surgery performed in South Korea, Buzzfeed brings the topic of beauty standards to the table with their newest video. Three Buzzfeed staff members of Korean heritage, Eugene, Ashly, and Maggie, had the opportunity to chat with Dr. Hsu, a certified plastic surgeon located in Beverley Hills, California. Dr. Hsu gave the three […]Read More