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Beyond K/DA: When K-pop And League of Legends Collide

The recent 2018 World Finals for League of Legends blew fans and non-fans alike by a release that combined LoL, Kpop, and technology into one fiery product: K/DA. However, this isn’t the first time LoL and K-pop has collided! Keep reading to find out about the fun crossovers we have witnessed in the K-pop community […]Read More

Kim Heechul Opens Up About Recent Health Problems During SS7 Tour

Super Junior‘s Kim Heechul has spoken up about his battle with recent health problems. During a press conference for the new variety show “Where Are You Going, DdaengChul? (땡철이 어디가), Heechul shared that he struggled with the demands of touring lately. Although fans know about his health problems and continued pain from an accident years ago, it […]Read More