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K-Culture Special: How Do Koreans Celebrate Christmas?

A special time of the year has come around once more! Lights, mistletoe, Christmas trees, and shopping for presents are some of the traditions of the season. Christmas is the time we spend with family and friends, but how do Koreans (specifically those in South Korea) celebrate it? If you walk down a busy street, […]Read More

K-Culture Special: Is The Korean Workplace Truly A Nightmare To Navigate?

Korea has a lot of important traditions which influence their every day lives. From their drinking culture to the different ways they address others by age, from their personal lives to their work situations, South Korea has a lot of unique ways that make their culture stand out from others around the world. We’ve seen […]Read More

K-Culture Special: Celebrating The Independence Movement Day Of Korea

Today is Korea’s National Independence Movement Day called Samiljeol or 삼일절 (3-1). It is also known as March 1st Movement or Mansae Demonstrastions (만세운동, Mansae Undong). It is celebrated in both North and South Korea. The movement was an uprising to resist Japanese occupation and oppression in Korea. In 1905, Japan invaded Korea and oppressed the […]Read More