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K-POP QUIZ: Which BTS Member Is Destined To Be Your BFF?

Everyone in K-pop knows and loves the members of BTS! From serious and studious to funny and loud, each one of the members are as different as night and day. As such, fans are drawn to different members due to their variety of skills, talents, personalities, and more! If only one BTS member could be […]Read More

WTK QUIZ: Which “Knowing Bros” Cast Member Are You?

If you’re like every other person in Korea or in the K-pop and K-drama community, we know you’re as obsessed with the popular JTBC show “Knowing Bros” as we are! From the silly Kang Hodong to the hilarious Lee Soogeun, we all have our favorite characters and cast members of the funny show that’s also […]Read More

7 Ways Red Velvet And Super Junior Prove How Close They Are

We all love entertainment companies where the artists get along really well, but we especially love companies where the artists actually feel like friends and family! At SM Entertainment, one of the most famous companies in Korea, their artists are famous for being very close friends with each other. In fact, it’s  no surprise to […]Read More

BamBam’s Best: GOT7’s King Of Blurry, Beautiful Selcas

Welcome to the first edition of “BamBam’s Best,” a new series where we’ll be focusing on the always loveable BamBam and his many talents. Today, we’ll be focusing on BamBam’s gorgeous selcas— blurry, but never basic! The second youngest member of JYP boy group GOT7 is known for his high-end looks and even higher quality selcas. […]Read More

WTK QUIZ: Which SEVENTEEN Music Video Are You?

SEVENTEEN is taking the K-pop world by storm! While they debuted only two years ago, the group has already released five albums, and are already about to embark on their first world tour! While still considered a rookie group, SEVENTEEN has shown us many different concepts. From cute love songs and long drives with friends […]Read More

WTK QUIZ: Which BTS Member Is Your Soulmate?

June 13th is the debut anniversary of the super popular Kpop group BTS! As such, we want to celebrate in the most obvious way— finding our BTS soulmate of course! Take the fun quiz below to see which BTS member you are destined to be with. Remember to answer honestly for proper results! Make sure to […]Read More

9 Words That Have a Whole New Meaning When You Become a Kpop Fan

Becoming a Kpop fan is easily the best/most stressful thing that’s happened to me in the past year. I’m constantly learning about new groups, discovering old ones, and crying my way through trying to teach myself Hangul (aren’t we all?). With all the Hallyu overload in my brain, whether it be fashion trends or the Korean […]Read More