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WATCH: Jay Park Shows The Haters His Skills With New Single “FSU”

Jay Park is at it again with his second single under Roc Nation! On July 6th, the talented artist released his new track, “FSU.” In the single, he confronts his haters while rapping lines like “Look at their faces, look it…..Why you actin’ surprised, lookin’ at me with those eyes.” The track features Roc Nation […]Read More

WATCH: Jay Park And Yultron Drop MV For “Forget About Tomorrow”

Jay Park and Yultron have collaborated on a new track! The famous solo singer released the song, entitled “Forget About Tomorrow,” with artist and producer Yultron. The song is sung entirely in English and has a fun, funky beat with electronic influences that give it a smooth, sensual sound. In addition to the addictive melody and […]Read More

WATCH: Woodie Gochild, Jay Park, & Dok2 Drop New “Let’s Get It” Teaser

UPDATED: Woodie Gochild has released a new teaser video for his upcoming collaboration with Jay Park and Dok2. Check it out below! ORIGINAL: Woodie Gochild is ending his biggest year in an equally big way! The rapper, who first gained attention as a contestant on “Show Me The Money 6,” is teaming up with former mentors Jay Park and Dok2 for their new […]Read More

WATCH: Sik-K, pH-1, And Jay Park Release Killer Track With GroovyRoom

On September 16th KST, a music video was dropped for an artist-filled track called “iffy.” Sik-K, pH-1, and Jay Park collaborated as artists on the track produced by GroovyRoom. GroovyRoom has been gathering popularity recently due to his work with more mainstream Kpop artists. Some of the producer duo’s more recent tracks include ONE‘s “Heyahae,” Jeong […]Read More

WATCH: JINBO Drops “Just You And Me” MV With Jay Park

JINBO is out with a new MV! On September 15th, the talented artist released “Just You And Me.” The song was originally released in 1986 by Kim Hyun Sik, but the new version is done by JINBO and features the famous Jay Park of AOMG. The two artists stay true to the original vibe of […]Read More

Jay Park, Double K, And Boi.B Are “REBORN” In New MV

Jay Park has collaborated with Double K and Boi.B for a new track! After promotions on AOMG‘s official Instagram, Jay Park, Double K and Boi.B have released their new MV for “REBORN.” With their tasteful raps and catchy beats, the song is sure to attract new and old fans alike. All three members were revealed to […]Read More

WATCH: Jay Park, Boi.B, And Double K Drop Collaboration MV For “Reborn”

Jay Park, Boi.B, And Double K have released a new music video! On August 21st, the three hip-hop artists released a special collaboration video,”Reborn.” The MV was done in collaboration with “Show Me The Money 6” and the health drink “Hwal Myung Soo.” The upbeat song has a fresh, fun summer vibe. The bright colors […]Read More

WATCH: Jay Park Surprises In Cameo For Charli XCX “Boys” MV

Jay Park has been popping up everywhere recently, and he’s back at it again with a music video cameo! On July 26th, British singer-songwriter Charli XCX released a self-directed music video on YouTube for her track “Boys.” Charli XCX is known for her popular tracks such as “Break The Rules” and “The Fault In Our Stars.” […]Read More

WATCH: GroovyRoom Releases “Sunday” MV With Jay Park And Heize

Producer duo GroovyRoom has hit the music scene again with a new album and music video! On July 25th KST, a music “visual” video was dropped for GroovyRoom’s new track “Sunday” featuring AOMG and H1GHR MUSIC‘s Jay Park and singer-songwriter Heize. The video was made as an exclusive for The Cut. It features both Jay Park […]Read More

WATCH: Jay Park And Dok2 Are The “Most Hated” In New MV

Jay Park and Dok2 have come together to release an MV for their new song, “Most Hated.” The song fuses Dok2’s aggressive and flashy rap with Jay Park’s softer and melodic rapping and singing. The two stars performed the track on Episode 4 of “Show Me The Money 6” as a part of the producer […]Read More