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WATCH: MAMAMOO’s Hwasa Tells Fans She “Became Calm” In Lovely Solo MV

MAMAMOO’s Hwasa has surpirsed her fans with a lovely MV for “Became Calm’’! On March 25th, the idol talked about her solo track in a V Live Broadcast. She explained that it only started as a pet project but ended up evolving into a full music video instead. “Became Calm’’ was co-composed by Hwasa herself and […]Read More

LISTEN: MAMAMOO’s Hwasa Wows With Cover Of “City Of Stars”

Fans can never get enough of MAMAMOO‘s Hwasa and with good reason! On July 22nd, the singer dropped a video on the official YouTube page for MAMAMOO, showing off her gorgeous vocals with a cover of “City of Stars” from the popular movie “LaLa Land,” the sweet ukulele providing the perfect accompaniment for her voice. […]Read More

WATCH: Wheein And Hwasa Are Sexy Divas In New Teaser Video

After MAMAMOO dropped a teaser video showcasing the lovely Solar and Moonbyul, they have now dropped a teaser video for Wheein and Hwasa. The girls look gorgeous and sexy in the fun, colorful teaser video that promises a new look for MAMAMOO. The short clip starts off with Wheein singing and showing off her style […]Read More

MAMAMOO Releases Teaser Pictures For Wheein And Hwasa

After announcing their comeback in a previous teaser image on Twitter, MAMAMOO has now revealed their album details! UPDATE: On June 9th KST, MAMAMOO dropped the next set of teaser images for their comeback! In these images, Wheein and Hwasa look gorgeous and sexy in the pastel tones of their clothes and with new hair and makeup […]Read More