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K-STYLE: How BLACKPINK Promotes Korean Culture Through Modernized Hanboks

K-pop is now another way a global audience can get a glimpse of traditional Korean culture! In their music video “How You Like That?,” BLACKPINK donned outfits inspired by the hanbok. Hanbok literally means “Korean clothing” and is a type of traditional Korean dress used today mainly for semi-formal or formal attire during traditional occasions such as […]Read More

9 Kpop Artists That Rocked Hanboks During Chuseok 2017

Every year, Korea celebrates Chuseok! The holiday, perhaps the biggest holiday of the entire year, is otherwise known as Mid-Autumn Festival in other parts of the world and is similar to the American Thanksgiving. Although the holiday is celebrated in other Asian countries like China, Japan, and Vietnam, it takes on its own form in […]Read More