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WATCH: (G)I-DLE’s Minnie Features In Wengie’s Assertive “Empire” Music Video

Here comes another collaboration! On October 18th at 4 p.m. KST, (G)I-DLE’s Minnie featured in Wengie’s brand new track and music video, “Empire.” The exciting collaboration sings about having lofty ambitions which include building from the ground up until achieving total domination. Its music video features dramatic shots of the ladies on flowery thrones and […]Read More

WATCH: (G)I-DLE Makes The Haters Say “Uh-Oh” In Latest MV

The girls of (G)I-DLE are overflowing with sass in their new comeback! On June 26th at 6 p.m. KST, the group returned with a new digital single and music video entitled, “Uh-Oh.” Member Soyeon wrote the lyrics and helped compose the song. It expresses the members’ confidence while deflecting the hateful attention they receive and […]Read More

WATCH: (G)I-DLE Thrills In Elegant And Action-Packed “Senorita” MV

(G)I-DLE is back with a music video for their new album! On February 26th at 6 p.m. KST, the fierce girl group dropped the accompanying music video for the their newest title song, “Senorita.” The song was written and composed by member Soyeon, as well as Big Sancho. Its lyrics are about falling in love at […]Read More

(G)I-DLE Announces Broadcast Of First Variety Show “To Neverland”

(G)I-DLE has some K-variety news for you! (G)I-DLE’s first reality show “To Neverland” will be coming this mid-January, featuring the girl group members’s travel adventures. The members hope to show a side that the public has never seen before. The show will be a collaboration with makeup brand Kaja as well as CJ E&M’s music […]Read More

Beyond K/DA: When K-pop And League of Legends Collide

The recent 2018 World Finals for League of Legends blew fans and non-fans alike by a release that combined LoL, Kpop, and technology into one fiery product: K/DA. However, this isn’t the first time LoL and K-pop has collided! Keep reading to find out about the fun crossovers we have witnessed in the K-pop community […]Read More

2018 MAMA Award Voting Begins (Full Nominee List)

It’s that time of the year again! MAMA’s voting has begun! On November 1st, the nominations for the 2018 Mnet Asian Music Awards were announced! The MAMAs will kick off in Korea on December 10th, then continue to Japan on December 12th. The finale will be on December 14th and will be in Hong Kong […]Read More

10 Amazing K-pop Songs With Catchy Whistle Tunes

K-pop idols sure know how to whistle! For years past, fans of K-pop have been given songs ranging from cute and bubbly to dark and mysterious. And yet, between upbeat jams and soft ballads, lies a memorable sub-genre of its own: whistling. Dating back to the early beginnings of K-pop, artists of all kinds have […]Read More

WATCH: Seulgi, SinB, Chungha, And Soyeon Team Up For Powerful Collaboration With “Wow Thing”

Seulgi of Red Velvet, SinB of GFriend, soloist and former I.O.I member Chungha, and (G)I-DLE‘s Soyeon have come together for the amazing collaboration track “Wow Thing”! On September 28th, the official MV was released for their song, “Wow Thing.” This song showcases the girls’ amazing vocals and dance skills, as well as showcased their unique talents. The MV […]Read More