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V Of BTS Reveals Sad News That His Grandmother Has Passed Away

During a BTS fan meeting on November 12th, V revealed the sad news that his grandmother recently passed away. In a time of personal sharing during the event, V took the opportunity to explain the situation to his fans after many of them noticed he didn’t seem like himself recently. It turns out that the young […]Read More

BTS Shows Off Adorable Personalities In “Star Show 360”

BTS made an appearance together on “Star Show 360” recently! Are you surprised at their rare TV show appearance? Their time on this segment provided fans with nonstop enjoyment and is sure to make you both laugh and cry! After the hosts, Tak Jae Hoon and Leeteuk introduced themselves, BTS is welcomed in as a “second […]Read More

WTK QUIZ: Can You Name These BTS MVs From A Single Frame?

BTS is taking the music world by storm with their current comeback. Every day, they seem to gain new fans, while their old fans just fall even harder for their charms. But what’s your real level of obsession on the BTS scale? Can you name their music videos from a single frame? If all you […]Read More

BTS Drops Gorgeous “Wings” Concept Photos

Following their seven wildly popular, yet mysterious, short concept clips, BTS continued to kill ARMY hearts by dropping concept pictures left and right for their upcoming new album “WINGS”. Showing off an emotionally charged, edgy, yet artistically beautiful concept, the boys are definitely getting everyone excited for their comeback on October 10. Check out their […]Read More

Bangtan Style: Grazia Korea Photoshoot Featuring Suga As Agust D

Without a doubt, Agust D aka BTS‘ Suga is out to kill the hearts of fangirls and fanboys all around the world. Sporting an edgy blonde hairstyle, the gifted rapper is still on board promoting his 1st mixtape with various photoshoots, including Grazia Korea. Suga takes on a classic rocker look in his leather jacket and earrings […]Read More