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Tablo Shares Picture That BTS’s Suga Sent Him From The U.S.

Tablo is one proud hyung! On May 21st KST, the Epik High singer shared a post to his Snapchat, giving fans a glimpse of a private conversation between him and BTS‘s Suga and subsequently surprising many fans with their friendship. BTS is currently in Las Vegas for the Billboard Music Awards, and it looks like they are […]Read More

Former U-KISS Member Alexander Asks All Kpop Fans To Vote For BTS At BBMAs

Former U-KISS member Alexander has an important request of all Kpop fans, regardless of their fandom. On May 20th KST, the idol singer and host posted on his Twitter account with a message to all Kpop fans. He stated, “If u support Kpop n/or acknowledge their skill, then VOTE for BTS on BILLBOARD! Show ya FULL support thru […]Read More

BTS Heads To The U.S. For 2017 Billboard Music Awards

BTS is officially headed to the U.S. for the upcoming Billboard Music Awards! Late in the evening on May 19th KST, the group was spotted at the airport as they arrived for their flight to Las Vegas. Some of the members wore an upgraded boyfriend look with chic, all-black outfits and cute accessories like beanie hats […]Read More

BTS Shows Off Funny Side With Self-Made “Spine Breaker” MV

During the broadcast of “BTS GAYO Track. 15,” BTS was challenged to create a music video for their 2014 track “Spine Breaker”! Unofficially released on V LIVE, BTS’s “Spine Breaker” brought laughter as the members served roles for its production with Jin being the stylist and dance director, Suga as the “food truck,” and Jimin as […]Read More

Big Hit Entertainment Asks Sasaengs Not To Ruin BTS’s BBMA Appearance

Big Hit Entertainment, home of the mega-famous group BTS, made a statement addressing sasaengs’ behavior. A sasaeng is a term used to describe stalker fans of Kpop groups.  The actual definition is “an obsessive fan of a Korean idol, or other public figure, that has engaged in stalking or other questionable behaviour that constitutes an invasion of […]Read More

7 Ways BTS Slays On Social Media

BTS has been nominated in the Billboard Music Award’s Top Social Artist category and these are probably the reasons why. Every single member makes sure to interact with their fans, also known as A.R.M.Y, because they want to listen to what they have to say too! Over and over again, they have captured fans’ hearts— so […]Read More

BTS Is Officially The Most-Viewed Kpop Artist On YouTube

BTS can add another amazing achievement to their resume— they are now the most-viewed Kpop artist on YouTube! Google and YouTube Insight counted the views and released the information, astounding fans with the total number of views that BTS has gained on YouTube. Combining their official music videos, their popular “Bangtan TV” episodes, fan cameras, […]Read More

BTS’s V And Actor Park Bo Gum Share Cute Pictures Of Jeju Trip

BTS‘s V and actor Park Bo Gum went to Jeju Island together! On April 17th KST, V posted on the official BTS twitter and shared photos of himself and actor Park Bo Gum in Jeju. They are well-known to be best buddies, and it looks like the two went to Jeju together after V’s return from […]Read More

Billboard Music Awards Reveals BTS As “Top Social Media Artist Award” Nominee

On April 10th, Billboard Music Awards released the list of the 2017 nominees. BTS has been nominated for the “Top Social Media Artist Award,” along with Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande and Shawn Mendes. According to Billboard, this is the criteria they consider: “Billboard Music Awards finalists are based on key fan interactions with music, […]Read More

BTS Sets New Record On Spotify With “Blood Sweat & Tears”

BTS has set two new records on Spotify! As of April 7th, BTS’s song “Blood Sweat & Tears” is now the most-played Kpop song on Spotify, followed closely by BIGBANG‘s “Bang Bang Bang.” Since then, the number of plays has increased even more— reaching a total of over 34 million plays! In addition, BTS is now the first […]Read More