Sun. Jul 21st, 2024

Super Junior’s Eunhyuk Becomes #1 Trending K-pop Artist In China After Directing Local Concert

Super Junior‘s Eunhyuk has become a hot topic in China after directing a concert for the famous boy group TFBOYS!

On August 10th, the talented K-pop idol directed the sixth anniversary concert of the group at the Bao’an Stadium in Shenzhen, China. Eunhyuk is already well-known among his fans for his love of directing concerts. Not only has he directed Super Junior concerts in the past, he also shared that he would like to direct concerts for a living if he wasn’t an idol himself. This also marks the first time an SMTOWN artist has directed a concert for someone else.

TFBOYS is a musical trio made up of members Roy WangKarry Wang, and Jackson Yee who range from the age of 18 to 19. They are immensely successful in China, even once coming to the attention of the public when they averaged $17 million USD in merchandise sales per month! As such, their sixth anniversary concert was a big event that was held in the large 40,000 capacity stadium.

After the success of the event and the confirmation that he had been the concert director, Eunhyuk began trending in China— both in the news and on Weibo charts. In fact, the K-pop star even appeared in the People’s Daily magazine (人民网), one of the largest national newspapers in the country with approximately 3 to 4 million readers.

In addition, Eunhyuk became the top trending Korean artist on China’s social platform Weibo for week number 511. He took the top place on four different charts: top trending K-pop celebrity of the week, top number of views on Weibo, highest number of interactions on Weibo, and biggest social influence.

The categories are measured by several factors, including how many people viewed the artist’s Weibo that week or month, how many people comment/repost/like an artist’s post, how many times the artist is mentioned in other people’s posts, and how many paid online “gifts” are sent to the artist (similar to sending Korean celebrities balloons or flowers when they do live broadcasts). Eunhyuk was ranked number one with a perfect score on three of the four charts, leading him to score a total of 86.94 points out of a possible 100— thus ranking him as the number one trending Korean celebrity of the week on Weibo as well.

On a special note, Super Junior and other members also ranked high on the charts as well. Former Super Junior M member Henry Lau ranked number three on top celebrity of the week. On top number of views, Henry ranked number two, Super Junior ranked number three, and Yesung ranked number five. In addition, Henry ranked number two, Yesung ranked number three, and Super Junior ranked number four on the highest number of interactions.

As a group that has always had a lot of success and fame in China, Super Junior’s Eunhyuk has proven that he has what it takes to be the top trend on his own as well!

Congratulations to Eunhyuk!

Media: Weibo
*Many thanks to @haekjoyce for her assistance in providing the screenshots and translating the information for this article.