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Sungmin Announces He Will Not Participate In New Album + Label SJ Responds

Just hours after announcing that Super Junior‘s Sungmin would not be participating in the upcoming SMTOWN concerts, Sungmin has made a statement to apologize to fans and say that he will not be participating in the upcoming album:

“Hello, this is Sungmin. I’m writing to you all for the first time in a while for various reasons. First of all, I want to apologize for troubling so many fans. There has been a lot of negative talk surrounding me lately, but it was something I couldn’t act alone on, so I’m very sorry for the late response.

When I look back to when I was getting ready for my marriage, I don’t think I was very considerate and truthful to my fans who have loved me for over 10 years. I think I should’ve communicated better with my fans who got hurt by various rumors and misunderstandings.

While I was in the army, I always looked forward to promoting with Super Junior again. However, I really want the group’s next album to do well, so I have decided to withdraw from their upcoming promotions. As a member of Super Junior, I want the group to receive love for a very long time. Considering my ongoing controversy, I think my decision to withdraw from this album is best for the group.

I’m really sorry to my fans who have loved and supported me, but I think I need more time to reflect and work harder. I ask all ELFs to support Super Junior’s upcoming comeback.”

It is to be noted that Sungmin did not say he was withdrawing from the group, but only withdrawing from the upcoming album and promotions. It can be safely assumed that both Sungmin and Super Junior are attempting to placate many Korean ELF, the main ones who have been demanding Sungmin’s withdrawal from the group, with a temporary withdrawal instead of a permanent one. Upon releasing his statement, Label SJ (Super Junior’s own sub-label under SM Entertainment) also released a statement as well:

“Hello, this is Label SJ (SM Entertainment).

This is our statement regarding Sungmin’s post today about his activities.

Label SJ has decided to respect Sungmin’s decision not to participate in Super Junior’s album.

From the beginning, Super Junior was created as a group that could be flexible with its members, and as a result, Super Junior has seen love and success across the globe, able to promote in a variety of ways.

Super Junior is currently preparing for an album, with hopes to release it in October, and the label is doing its best to help Super Junior carry out promotions that are better than ever before.

Though Sungmin isn’t participating in the album this time around, Label SJ will fully support all of Sungmin’s future activities.

Thank you to all the fans who have loved Super Junior for so long, and we ask for your continued love and support for all of the Super Junior members.”

Many Korean ELF, headed mainly by the fan community DC Gallery, have been demanding the withdrawal of both Kangin and Sungmin. Kangin is currently on hiatus due to a drunk driving case over a year ago. Sungmin’s supposed controversy arose when he got married before enlisting in the military, and certain fans took offense because they felt he was dishonest with them and did not handle the announcement of his marriage well.

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English Translations: SOOMPI

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