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Star-Studded Cast Of Upcoming “Lawless Lawyer” Drama Gathers For First Script Reading

On March 27th, a photo was revealed of the cast of “Lawless Lawyer” going through the first script reading in preparation for the upcoming tvN drama!

The drama stars Lee Joon Gi (“Scarlet Heart: Ryeo”) as Bong Sang Pil, a former gangster turned lawyer. He is not afraid of using his fists to accomplish things or taking advantage of loopholes to get things done. As such, he has an excellent win rate to match his fiery dedication in court. Son Ye Ji (“Moorim School,” “Hwarang”) will be playing the character of Ha Jae-yi, a lawyer who truly fights for justice but can’t control her hot temper. As a result, she ends up losing her position and working as a paralegal at Bong Sang Pil’s firm.

The villains of the story come in the form of two highly respected actors in Korea. Lee Hye Young (“Mother”) stars as a senior judge who is respected and well-liked. However, she hides a sinister and power-hungry side that thrives on greed and doing whatever it takes to get things done her way. Meanwhile, famous star Choi Min Soo (“Man Who Dies To Live,” “Pride and Prejudice”) stars as Ahn Oh Joo, a former gangster who is dangerous and unscrupulous. He is now the ambitious, wealthy boss of a large corporation who has no limits when it comes to hiding his dark past.

The story follows Bong Sang Pil who dedicates his life in avenging the death of his mother. After witnessing her death as a child, he becomes obsessed with revenge and fighting the powerful who seem to be above the law. Meanwhile, the two villains work together to do whatever they can to maintain power and ruin Sang Pil’s plans for revenge.

The director of the show is Kim Jin Min, the man whom many believe responsible for the turn in Lee Joon Gi’s career after directing him in the drama “Time Between Dog And Wolf” in 2007.  In addition, the writer of the drama is Yoon Hyun Ho, the mind behind the outstanding legal drama “Remember” starring Yoo Seung-ho.

“Lawless Lawyer” will take the place of the time slot currently held by tvN’s drama “Live.” It will begin airing its first episode on May 12th KST.

Check out some photos of the script reading below! Are you excited for the new drama from this star-studded cast and crew?

Media: tvN

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