Wed. Jul 17th, 2024

SS501’s Kim Hyung Jun Officially Completes Military Duty + Shares Post-Military Plans

SS501‘s maknae Kim Hyung Jun has officially completed his military duty!

On December 29th KST, the Korean celebrity was discharged after successfully serving as a conscripted police officer. He originally enlisted on April 6th, 2017 and served with honors, even winning a commendation for his service.

Both fans and press awaited his arrival as he left the  Gyeonggi Southern District Police Agency in Suwon. Even more fans— both of his solo work and his work with SS501 and sub-unit Double S 301— were tuned in via various live streams being broadcast from fans present in Suwon. Upon exiting, he greeted everyone with bright smiles, chatting with fans and addressing the press in attendance as well.

He expressed his thanks for everyone’s support during his time in the service. He revealed that he has already been planning his post-military activities. Not only will he be making a comeback in the  first half of 2019, he will also be embarking on a world tour with stops already planned for South America, Japan, and Southeast Asia. He also mentioned that he would like to try more acting roles also.

When asked about the possibility of a comeback with SS501, he shared that he hadn’t had the chance to talk with the other members yet since his discharge, but that they would be considering the possibility.

Welcome back, Kim Hyung Jun!

Check out a few photos below!

Media: XSportsNews, The Fact, Newsen
Featured Image: Newsen