Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024

SNSD’s Taeyeon Involved In Minor Wreck + Police Release Accident Details

On November 28th,the car of SNSD‘s Taeyeon hit a taxi in front of her. The taxi then proceeded to hit another vehicle, resulting in a three-car collision. The singer was taken to the hospital due to chest pains, but after being cleared from the doctors, she was released to go home.

SM Entertainment released a statement regarding the accident to confirm that Taeyeon was involved in a car accident and admit that it was her fault. The agency added that the idol singer felt very sorry towards the drivers and passengers involved and will work diligently to resolve post-accident matters.

The drivers and passengers were brought to the hospital by emergency truck. They are said to have minor injuries.

The police have now released various statements to both media and SNS inquiries on November 29th KST. They revealed that Taeyeon was very shaken up at the time of the accident. Her state at the time is presumably what led her to have chest pains at the accident scene. The police then confirmed that the other parties involved seem to have only minor injuries.

When someone asked if a blood alcohol test was done, the police said that one was not given. “We only do a sobriety test if there is reason to be suspicious of drinking [while driving]. In Taeyeon’s case, however, there was nothing to suggest that she had been drinking, which is why we did not measure her blood alcohol level.”

Source: OSEN, Naver

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