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SMTOWN Releases Photos From Luxurious Company Retreat In Hawaii


September 8, 2016 , , , ,

For the celebration of the company’s anniversary, SM Entertainment took almost 300 of their artists and staff members to Hawaii for a joint retreat and company workshop.

Following the trip, the company released behind the scenes pictures of some of the artists. Members of Super Junior, SNSD, NCT, EXO and more can be seen in the photos doing a variety of activities. The artists all enjoyed themselves as they were allowed to go boating, swimming, surfing, scuba-diving and even sky-diving! In addition, the label held their own mini-olympics for the artists and staff to participate in and compete with one another. They also held lavish dinner parties and meals.

The company stayed at the famous Royal Hawaiian Resort and Hotel, a luxury retreat on the exclusive Waikiki Beach. The rooms at this resort start at a staggering price of $689 USD a night! With the many activities in addition to food and lodging, imagine how much the company spent bringing their artists and staff on this trip!

Check out the gallery of pictures below! Would you have enjoyed going to this retreat with all these amazing SMTOWN artists and staff members?

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