Sun. Jul 14th, 2024

SMTOWN Confirms Red Velvet’s Irene And Seulgi Will Debut In Sub-Unit

A Red Velvet sub-unit will be soon be heading fans’ way!

After rumors began on April 2st that Seulgi and Irene would soon begin a Red Velvet sub-unit, SMTOWN went on to confirm the news! The label revealed that the two are preparing their unit album and details of the release will be announced once the album is finalized.

Red Velvet is a popular girl group that made their debut in August 2014 with “Happiness.” Due to their great choreography, strong vocals, and catchy songs, the group quickly established themselves as one of the most popular girl groups in Korea. Their releases such as “Dumb Dumb,” “Red Flavor,” “Bad Boy,” “Peek-A-Boo,” and more have all turned into hits and ranked high on the charts. In addition, the group recently made their comeback with the critically-acclaimed “Psycho.”

Stay tuned for more details! Who’s excited to see what Irene and Seulgi have in store for fans?

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