Fri. Jul 12th, 2024

SM STATION Releases Teaser For “Curtain” MV With Suho And Song Young Joo

SM STATION has released the teaser for their upcoming video “Curtain.”

The track is a collaboration between Suho, the leader of EXO, and jazz pianist Song Young Joo. The teaser starts off with a spinning top, reminiscent of the movie “Inception.” It then changes to a scene of Suho sleeping as the people around him are frozen in time.

The new song is the final release in SMTOWN‘s year-long project entitled SM STATION. The first digital single of the project was released on January 3rd, 2016, with the label promising one new release every week. The releases would often feature their artists tackling new genres or collaborating with foreign artists.

“Curtain” will be released on January 3rd at midnight KST, exactly one year after the project began.

Are you said this will be the final SM STATION release? Do you hope SMTOWN will extend the project another year?

Check out the teaser below!


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