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SEVENTEEN And Spotify Team Up To Celebrate “17 IS RIGHT HERE” Ahead Of Ninth Anniversary

SEVENTEEN just released their highly anticipated BEST ALBUM ’17 IS RIGHT HERE’ which marks nine years since making their debut!

To commemorate the milestone ninth anniversary on May 26th KST, the K-pop superstars have teamed up with the world’s most popular streaming service Spotify for various exclusive bonus content.

Since joining the music platform in 2016, the group’s streaming numbers have increased dramatically, with an average annual growth of over 95%. Today, SEVENTEEN’s top listeners reside across the US, Japan, Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, India, Canada, Taiwan, Singapore, and Mexico.

It’s a testament to their outstanding work’s staying power and global reach as it transcends regional boundaries, language barriers, and cultural differences.

To celebrate, Spotify has unveiled a captivating CGI video that symbolizes the global rollout of 17 IS RIGHT HERE. Premiering on @SpotifyKpop on X (formerly Twitter), the video follows an oversized vinyl that arrives at a building that transforms into a monumental record wall filled with the group’s discography.

It serves as a visual tribute to SEVENTEEN’s artistic legacy that millions of CARATs and music lovers worldwide have loved. The streaming service will continue to roll out more exclusive SEVENTEEN content during May, on its “K-Pop ON!” YouTube and video podcast channels.

On the 3rd and 10th, fans can join SEVENTEEN’s ZIP PARTY, where they can see the members take on the “Tambourine Quiz,” in addition to other challenges as well as share personal song recommendations from their vast music catalog.

On May 12th, the thirteen members participate in an interview with a twist with the “Spot the Liar” game. Meanwhile, on the 14th, Spotify will also take us behind the scenes of SEVENTEEN’s “K-Pop ON!” shoot.

Another cool feature implemented is an exclusive digital share card for Spotify users who are one of SEVENTEEN’s top listeners.

Speaking about the collaboration with Spotify, the group said:

“We’ve always appreciated Spotify’s support for our music and in deepening our connections with CARATs around the world. We’ve worked hard on 17 IS RIGHT HERE and with Spotify to bring our fans into the celebrations of our release and 9-year journey alongside them, we hope they’ll enjoy what we’ve prepared.”


Check out the group’s “This is SEVENTEEN” playlist below!

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