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Seo In Guk’s Newest Military Medical Examination Results Announced

Seo In Guk‘s newest medical examination results have finally been announced.

On June 14th, Jellyfish Entertainment released a statement to detail the findings of the exam. Seo In Guk had entered the military as an active duty soldier in March, but during basic training, he was sent home due to an osteochondral lesion on his ankle.

In an attempt to reenlist, he received another medical exam to determine if he could be deemed fit to enter the military once more, either as an active duty soldier or as a civil servant. Once he received the initial exam though, he was told he would need a more in-depth exam. He completed that medical examination on June 5th at the Central Physical Examination Center of Military Manpower Administration and has been waiting for the results since then.

The results are finally back in, and unfortunately, they aren’t what Seo In Guk was hoping for. The doctor has pronounced that the actor and singer has osteochondritis dissecans in his left ankle bone, resulting in a grade five health ranking that exempts him from the military.

Osteochondritis dissecans is a joint condition in which the bone under the cartilage actually begins to die from lack of blood flow. The bone and cartilage can then break loose and cause pain, further injury, and hinder joint motion. Many times, it is required to have surgery to remove the bone fragments. This condition can often come about as a result of an injury or high impact sports, but the problem often doesn’t show up until later. Seo In Guk is known to be very active, both in his roles as an actor and in his personal life as well, so it’s unclear what caused the condition in the first place.

Jellyfish Entertainment is expected to release another statement once the details of Seo In Guk’s military service are finalized.

We hope for Seo In Guk’s quick and full recovery!

Media: Jellyfish Entertainment

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