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Seo In Guk Greets Fans And Explains His Medical Military Exemption

Solo singer and avid actor Seo In Guk has finally opened up and spoken to fans about his military exemption, as well as his physical condition.

It was announced back on March 31st, 2017, that Seo In Guk, who was supposed to be in the midst of fulfilling his mandatory military service, would be exempt from service due to a medical condition. In Guk had a cartilage fracture in his left ankle, and nearly two months later (following multiple doctors visits), he was diagnosed with osteochondritis dissecans. Osteochondritis dissecans is a joint disorder that causes the bone underneath cartilage to grow weak and die from lack of blood flow, causing weak joints. Due to the heavy activity involved in military training, Seo In Guk was fully exempted from his service.

The last message given was back in early July, meaning the artist had not contacted media or been active on social websites for four months. On October 4th KST, Inguk posted on his fan cafe to wish everyone a happy Chuseok celebration, as well as give updates on his condition. In Guk apologized for any sadness he may have caused fans due to his condition and recent silence. The actor also expressed his own sorrow at not being able to fulfill his military duties that he had been looking forward to complete.

Read his full message below:

“Hello. This is Seo In Guk. It’s Chuseok, and I hope everyone is doing well. There have been a lot of things happening for me and my fans the past year or so. I should have visited you sooner, and I wanted to. Now that I think about how I’m going to tell you about it. Delays keep happening, and the more time passes, the more discouraged I am. It’s a bit late for a greeting, but in order to explain the military situation. I will say hello first.

In terms of my military duties, I filed for a delay in my enlistment. Though I did have things I wanted for my career, I was already advised to undergo surgery, and I was going through pain relief and treatment. However, I wanted to serve in the military, so I delayed my enlistment. I did not apply for a re-examination, nor did I bring any application when I enlisted. However, in the first interview, the platoon leader told me to tell him in advance if I had an illness, and on the day of the health exam, I raised my hand and told them I experienced discomfort in my leg.

I never dreamed that I’d go to the hospital over this. As soon as I got to the hospital, I got an x-ray first, and then they spoke to me. I didn’t imagine that I couldn’t go to the military because of this issue. I think it’s definitely my fault.

As a singer and actor, I wanted to confidently enlist as an active-duty soldier, and do everything I could in my duty to defend the nation. That’s why after the results were out, I requested that the hospital allow me to continue in the military. I knew that if I left like this I’d be embarrassed, so I wanted to stay no matter what. However, the hospital said that it was too much for me to undergo military training, and there was nothing they could do.

There were a lot of things I’ve wanted to say, but I felt like everything I say would be like an excuse. I was scared I’d look unworthy. I was surprised to see so many people were suspicious about certain aspects, and I thought it was understandable. However, I’m sure of my perspective and my side, and I thought I should tell the truth for sure because of my supportive and caring fans who might be hurt. 

I’m sorry that you all went through hard times because of me. I wanted to only give you good memories related to me, but I’m very pained that you might’ve been hurt. I’ll worry and worry again about how I could comfort you for that time. I’ll try my best so that only good things happen in the future. I’ll do my best to return the heart of my fans.

I hope you all feel my sincerity and have a joyful time during your remaining holiday. From In Guk.

PS: If you were really hurt, I’m very sorry. I’ll make your pain stop for sure.”

Seo In Guk had also just recently switched to his new label BS Company following the end of his contract with Jellyfish Entertainment. The company is known for having more actors among their entertainers, leading fans to believe In Guk will be focusing on acting more than singing in the upcoming years.

We wish good luck to Seo n Guk in his future endeavors as well as future medical treatment.

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