Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

Royal Pirates’ Sooyoon Announces First Solo Track Through Teaser Image

Royal Pirates‘ fans have another treat in store for them! Drummer Sooyoon will soon be releasing his first solo track.

The song was announced via the group’s Instagram account, where they shared a flowery teaser image with various numbers written across it. Two of the sets of numbers were obvious, announcing the release would come on March 14th at 12 o’clock. The third set of numbers seems to reference the song title and is written simply as “12 x 04.”

This will be Sooyoon’s first solo release and is supposed to be a romantic song perfect for “White Day” in Korea. This is a day where the guys of Korea give flowers, chocolates, or other things to their girls, reciprocating the gifts they received from the girls on Valentine’s Day.

On Valentine’s Day 2017, fellow Royal Pirates member Moon Kim released his first solo track “Dark Chocolate.”

Check out the teaser below! What do you think?

D – 5 . . #sooyoon #수윤 #로열파이럿츠 #solo #1stsolo

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