Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

Rockin’ Korea To Feature 8 K-pop Groups In Their Own Webtoons To Promote The Korean Wave

On August 5th, Hwa Shin Lee — CEO of cultural content production agency Rockin’ Korea— revealed an exciting new project! There will soon be a special collaboration with eight idol groups and eight webtoon producers in 2020.

Rockin’ Korea was founded 20 years ago and has expanded their activities in various fields ranging from planning performances, album licensing, overseas promotions, management, and distributing webtoons. 

The project is hosted by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and sponsored by the Korea Foundation For International Culture Exchange. It will feature eight idol groups as the protagonists of their very own webtoons in hopes of promoting the Korean wave worldwide through a new trend of the collaborating between the webtoon market and K-pop artists.

The eight idol groups participating in the project are MustB, 24K, S.I.S, Busters, A.C.E, XUM, Girls’ Alert, and Brave Girls. 

MUSTM Entertainment boy group MustB will be the first group to have their webtoon released, kicking off this unique collaborative project. 

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