Thu. Jul 25th, 2024

UPDATE: Ravi’s GROOVL1N U.S. Tour Rescheduled

Korean hip-hop label GROOVL1N will be going on their first American tour! RAVI, nafla, Cold Bay, and Xydo are coming to Los Angeles, Dallas, Atlanta, Chicago, and New York this March to meet fans and entertain them with explosive performances.

With roots as a member of second-generation idol group VIXX, RAVI decided to branch out and pursue a different genre from most of their releases as a team. He founded his own hip-hop-based agency in 2019 and named it GROOVL1N, derived from the words “GROOVE” and “GOBLIN.” He also introduced a second label called THE L1VE in 2021 which aims to support a broader array of musical styles and artists. Soloist Ailee and MAMAMOO‘s Wheein are currently housed under the latter.

Despite juggling various responsibilities as part of VIXX and as CEO of two companies, RAVI is currently one of the most copyrighted K-pop acts and he is still working hard to expand his extensive musical portfolio. He released his second LP LOVE&FIGHT earlier this month which contained 11 new tracks for delighted fans to savor.

On the other hand, rapper nafla made his first significant mark in the industry with his outstanding performance in “Show Me the Money 777.” He emerged as the winner of the seventh season of the rap competition series and joined GROOVL1N in 2020. Cold Bay and Xydo are both R&B artists who debuted under GROOVL1N in 2019. Cold Bay dropped his vocal-rich track “Love is Poison” in July 2021 while Xydo previously returned with “I” featuring Minseo in October 2021.

Fans can participate in fansign, hi-touch, group photo events, and more in the 2022 GROOVL1N US Tour. You can check event details and buy tickets here!

UPDATED: On February 18th, it was announced that the 2022 GROOVL1N U.S. Tour, originally planned for March, was being rescheduled. Due to COVID-19 issues, the label revealed they would put off the tour until May 2022. However, Studio PAV— the production company behind the tour— promised to honor existing tickets for the new dates and said they will announce the specific dates as soon as possible. Stay tuned for more information soon!

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