Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

“Produce 101” Star Kang Sira Wows In Newest Teaser For Upcoming Solo Debut

“Produce 101” contestant Kang Sira wowed fans with the newest teaser for her upcoming solo debut!

On January 18th, the young artist released the teaser through her label’s social media accounts. The short video shows Kang Sira standing alone on a large stage, the spotlight shining down as she stands there in a long, white evening gown. Instead of a rookie, she sounds like a seasoned diva extraordinaire as she belts out the song in a poised manner.

Sira was a contestant on “Produce 101,” where she gained many fans due to her outstanding, strong vocals.

She is releasing her first mini-album Sira on January 19th KST.

You can check out the latest teaser below (as well as her previous teaser and highlight medley).

Who’s excited to see Kang Sira debut?

Media: Chung Chun Music


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