Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

Popular “Produce 101” Trainee Yoo Hwi Seung To Join FNC Group N.Flying

Big news for fans of Yoo Hwi Seung! The popular “Produce 101: Season 2” trainee is going to be making his official debut!

On June 19th, the news broke that the young singer would be joining N.Flying, a group at his label FNC Entertainment. The group was formed in 2013 and is a pop-rock band. Although they are very talented, they have gone largely under the radar due to the popularity of dance bands in Kpop and the stiff competition in the industry.

Back in February, the group announced that they would be making a comeback after a change in their member lineup. However, nothing was settled at the time and there has been no news of the group’s changes until now. It’s not clear when Yoo Hwi Seung was considered for the group, but N.Flying’s leader made a statement on their official fan cafe:

“After a lot of thought, we have decided to greet Yoo Hwi Seung as a new member of N.Flying. We have often worked with him prior to his appearance on ‘Produce 101’ season 2, and the members agreed that they want to work with him in one team rather than just having musical collaborations. Yoo Hwi Seung also gave us the confidence that he can be with us together with energy and passion for music and not just for the sake of making a debut. Having a new member after a long hiatus of 2 years might be hard for [our fandom] N.Fia to accept, but our team will go further and will work harder to provide good music for you all.”

Yoo Hwi Seung gained a lot of fans through his appearance on “Produce 101” due to his beautiful voice, his fun personality, and charming good looks. It’s exciting to see his official debut, and hopefully he and N.Flying will make a great team! In addition, the added notoriety will hopefully bring new attention and fans to this amazing band!

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Media: Naver

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