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Pledis Issues Official Statement Regarding NU’EST’s Baekho’s Sexual Assault Accusations

On June 22nd, reports surfaced that NU’EST‘s Baekho (known by his real name Kang Dong-ho on “Produce 101”) had been accused of sexual harassment.

According to the reports, an anonymous internet user claimed that she was sexually assaulted by Baekho in middle school. The user stated that she had originally brought up these claims on an internet forum in May but had been criticized due to a lack of evidence.

While the original post has been deleted, the user provided several screenshots of e-mail correspondence with Pledis Entertainment regarding the issue, as well as a detailed recount of the alleged events that took place.

In response to these reports, Pledis Entertainment stated in an official press release:

“We are aware of the false reports that have been circulating the internet. When it comes to misinformation or unfounded accusations, including online posts, comments, and other malicious attacks, we do not take things lightly and will take strong legal action.”

Netizens were divided as many of them jumped to defend the singer, while others thought the girl’s story sounded true. However, after people begin providing screenshots and information from the original post in May, it came out that many of her details had changed from the original story and the one published this week. The inconsistencies— including changes in timeline, personal testimony about what happened, reported witnesses, and more— are making many people backtrack and say that her story now sounds suspicious.

Since then, Pledis Entertainment released a second statement stating that they have clarified with Baekho that the rumors are not true. The allegations of sexual harassment were strongly denied by Baekho and the label. The company then went on to say they would be taking legal action against any malicious slander and publishing of false facts.

What do you think of their new statement?

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