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Photos Released Of Kim Soo Hyun During Military Enlistment Ceremony

Photos have been revealed of Korean actor Kim Soo Hyun during his military enlistment ceremony!

On October 23rd, the superstar enlisted in the military. Per his wishes, he went quietly and without any send-off events from fans. His agency, however, was present at the enlistment ceremony and took a few pictures of the actor as he stood in line to be sworn in as a soldier.

The photos were later released on the official Instagram account for KeyEast Entertainment, as well as on the account of the label’s CEO. Although the pictures were taken from a distance, the actor is seen clearly on the front row. He is wearing jeans and a black jacket, looking serious as he stands at attention.

Kim Soo Hyun will serve for 21 months before being discharged in 2019. The day before enlisting, he posted a message to fans on social media: “Hello, this is Kim Soo Hyun. I wanted to briefly greet everyone before I enlist. I want to express my thanks to those who have always supported me. I will return in good health. I hope everyone also stays healthy.”

Check out the photos below! You can scroll through the pictures on the original Instagram post.

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