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PHOTO GALLERY: Jung Joon Young And Drug Restaurant Rock NYC For Final Show Of U.S. Tour

Korean rockers Jung Joon Young and Drug Restaurant brought the house down in New York for the final stop of their U.S. tour!

On October 21st, the talented singer and his band Drug Restaurant performed at the Town Hall venue in NYC. The show marked the fourth stop of the 2018 Jung Joon-Young US Live Tour. Previous stops were held in Chicago, Dallas, and Puerto Rico.  

Displaying the maturity of a singer far older than his actual age, Jung Joon Young got the crowd going with the band’s newest hit “403,” a track about an experience that went on in Room #403 of a hotel.

From hype and energetic tracks to slower rock ballads, from famous hits like “Teenager” to lesser-known B-tracks such as “Don’t Be Afraid,” the crowd enjoyed absolutely every minute of the show! Jung Joon Young, known for his sexy voice and impressive musical abilities, kept the crowd listening throughout the night as he and the band showed off their amazing instrumental skills and approach to a much-loved genre of music.

Apart from the front man Jung Joong Young, Drug Restaurant is made up of Jo Dae Min on guitar, Lee Hyun Gyu on drums, and Jung Seok Won on bass guitar.

Both Jung Joon Young and Drug Restaurant (who was previously known as The JJY Band) are known for their eclectic styles of rock and their gritty, honest lyrics that tackle a variety of subjects. A stark difference from the brighter and more innocent genre of K-pop, Drug Restaurant shows that Korea has more to offer than just K-pop. In fact, the band isn’t afraid to tackle more mature topics in their songs, gaining many fans who appreciate rock music for its authentic attitude.

As someone who speaks English, JJY also used his skills to speak to the audience and really connect with them, all in a laid-back, playful, and sexy way that brings some of that “bad-boy” style to the rock genre.

Check out some of the pictures taken by What The Kpop at the special event. You can click on a photo to enlarge it, then scroll through the gallery.

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Many thanks to Studio PAV for allowing us to attend the concert as press.

Media: What The Kpop