Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024

Park Sung Woo Of “Produce 101” Cast As Lead In Upcoming Web Drama

Park Sung Woo, popular trainee on “Produce 101: Season 2,” has been cast as the lead in an upcoming web drama!

“Omniscient Viewpoint of Crushes” is a popular web drama now entering its fourth season and will begin filming in July. After auditioning for the part, Park Sung Woo was cast as the male lead for this season!

It’s reported that the 30-year-old “Produce 101” trainee, who became famous for his youthful good looks and charming personality, has been taking acting lessons from Kil Hae Yeon of “Goodbye Mr. Black” and “In Her Place.” These lessons are in addition to the other training he has endured for the past 3 years. As such, many fans are looking forward to seeing him make his official debut in the upcoming season of the drama!

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Media: Mnet

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