Wed. Jul 17th, 2024

New Members To Join Bigflo After Z-UK And Kichun Announce Departure From Group

Bigflo, the idol group under Hyeyoom Entertainment, is in for some big changes ahead!

While the group’s leader is currently in the military, two of the members suddenly announced on their SNS accounts that they would be leaving the group. While no full explanation was given as to the surprising news, one of the members hinted that there had been some trouble.

Z-UK stated, “As a result of my personal mistakes, I decided to withdraw from Bigflo at the end of a long discussion with the company.”

Kichun also apologized for having to make the announcement that would disappoint their fandom WAVE, “I personally feel so sorry for all my fans of WAVE.”

Since the two members are leaving, it is reported that there will be three new members joining the group beginning with Bigflo’s next comeback.

Check out the full translations of Z-UK and Kichun’s statements below.

What do you think of this surprising news?

Z-UK's Statement
Z-UK’s Statement
Kichun's Statement
Kichun’s Statement

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3 thoughts on “New Members To Join Bigflo After Z-UK And Kichun Announce Departure From Group”
  1. I am still in shock this happened. Z-UK is my third bias so him leaving is breaking my heart. And I was just starting to bias Kichun. So I am sad to see them go, but I will still support them and Bigflo. Hopefully these three members won’t be treated badly by the fans. Even though they can’t replace Kichun or Z-UK for me I don’t believe in blaming them or shunning them is the answer.

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