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New Details Emerge About Kangin’s Bar Incident + Label SJ Responds

After reports broke that Super Junior‘s Kangin had been arrested and subsequently released for assault, new details have emerged.

On November 17th, Label SJ released a statement to the public about the situation:

“Hello, this is Label SJ. We would like to address the report about Kangin.

First, we would like to genuinely apologize for causing such distress. At the time [of the incident], Kangin was having an argument with a friend with whom he was drinking. A misunderstanding arose from the situation and it led to the police being called to the location. He apologized to the party involved and the situation was [already] resolved.

We would like to sincerely apologize once again that Kangin has caused such distress during a time when he was [supposed to have been] reflecting on his past actions.”

-Label SJ

The police also released a new statement by clarifying and correcting some details which they had previously released. They revealed that they had mistakenly reported that the incident took place in Sinsa-dong. However, the incident actually occurred in Nonheyon-dong. As revealed in previous reports, Kangin was in a private room at an escort bar (or room salon) when the incident occurred.

The police previously reported that they assumed the woman in question was his girlfriend due to her statements at the scene. *However, they now stated that they have no way of knowing if she is or is not Kangin’s girlfriend and that the subject should be confirmed or denied through Kangin or Label SJ.

In addition, they added that while Kangin was definitely under the influence of alcohol, he was not completely intoxicated as previously stated.

Perhaps most importantly, the police previously reportedly that they had let Kangin go with a warning since the victim of the reported assault did not want to press charges, inferring that they could not do anything further without the consent of the reported victim. However, they have now revealed that the parties involved had already reached a resolution at the location of the bar and before Kangin was ever taken into custody. They then clarified that they could have pressed actual criminal charges, even without the victim’s consent, if there had been any signs of physical violence or assault. However, according to their new statement, the woman in question had no signs of any physical damage nor was there any property damage at the location.

As such, they had no reason to book Kangin on assault or criminal charges. Therefore, he was subsequently released with a warning and not officially held on any charges.

Despite the clarification from police that sheds some new light on the situation, most fans of Super Junior are calling for Kangin to officially be let go from the group. The singer has been on hiatus after a DUI incident, making it his second DUI throughout his career as an idol.

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Source: Naver 1, Naver 2
*This article has been updated to clarify the police’s statement about the woman in question after an updated translation was made available.

4 thoughts on “New Details Emerge About Kangin’s Bar Incident + Label SJ Responds”
    1. No, he has had a total of two DUIs… one in 2009 and one in 2016. I think you may be referring to an earlier event (before his first DUI) when he was accused of assault at a bar. Later, it was proven (from CCTV) that two men had followed Kangin outside and tried to initiate a fight and he just responded in self-defense. So, there were 3 drinking incidents before this one, but only two were DUIs.

  1. it wasn’t a dui. he had two and he didn’t have one this time. it’s just him being drunk at a room salon yelling at someone. that’s the story.

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