Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

NCT’s Jaehyun Shows Off His Charms In Photoshoot For ELLE Magazine

NCT‘s Jaehyun has another gorgeous photoshoot to make fans swoon!

In the newest issue of ELLE magazine in Korea, NCT’s Jaehyun graces the pages in a lovely photoshoot that is bound to please both fans and non-fans alike. With his natural good looks and charming smile, Jaehyun gives off a strong and sensual energy as he lounges around in luxurious clothes, sipping coffee and looking deep into the eyes of readers with a knowing smile on his face.

The outfits worn by Jaehyun mostly feature one statement piece mixed with a more neutral tone or item of clothing. For example, a pair of extra wide-length pair of pants with a gorgeous design on the bottom of the legs are paired with a simple, beige turtleneck and plain belt. Meanwhile, Jaehyun takes off the matching jacket of a black satin suit with gold flowers to show a simple t-shirt underneath that takes the outfit from “too busy” to “super chic.”

The new issue also features an interview with the handsome singer of the NCT unit NCT 127. To see the full photoshoot, click here to be redirected to the original post.

In the meantime, check out some of the photos below! What do you think of Jaehyun’s chic and sophisticated style?

Media: ELLE Magazine Korea