Wed. Jul 24th, 2024

NCT’s Haechan Temporarily Withdrawing From Activities After Suffering Injury

NCT‘s Haechan has suffered an injury.

On December 19th, SMTOWN revealed that the young NCT star fractured his tibia (shinbone) while preparing for a performance. They stated that Haechan twisted his leg during the preparations and was taken to the hospital, where it was revealed that his tibia had been fractured.

As such, he is now in a cast and will be resting and recuperating until the break heals. SMTOWN stated that he would be pulling out of all activities for now, including the scheduled end-of-the-year activities, and just focusing on his recovery.

While tibia fractures are common, especially in sports or activities that require a lot of twisting motions, they can in fact be very painful. There are several types of breaks, but according to EHealthForum, the average “clean” break requires about 8 weeks in a cast, with a total of 10-15 weeks before the bone properly heals.

We hope Haechan recovers quickly and has a pain-free recovery!

Media: Dispatch x Naver