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MONSTA X Posts Sweet Message To Monbebes For 2nd Debut Anniversary

It’s been two years since Starship Entertainment‘s boy group MONSTA X debuted!

On May 14th KST, MONSTA X uploaded a picture and handwritten messages to fans, officially named Monbebe, via their official Twitter in celebration of their two year debut anniversary.

Shownu wrote, “To Monbebe, It’s already been two years! It’s been very eventful and happy these past two years.  These overwhelming moments pass by like a kaleidoscope. Let’s keep going. Got it?”

Wonho wrote, “To Monbebe, It’s been a beautiful two years. All the time we spent together was beautiful. The roads we walked together made me happy. Going forward, I’ll make you shine forever.”

Minhyuk wrote, “The  63,072,000 seconds we spent together. Will you share more happy times together [with us]? I like you. I love you.”

Kihyun wrote, “To Monbebe, Monbebe! MONSTA X has reached our 2 year anniversary!! You know it’s all thanks to Monbebe right? I’ll work harder so you can’t leave us. Bye Monbebe! Thank you!”

Hyungwon wrote, “To Monbebe, Congratulations on the two year anniversary!! I hope you’ve had precious moments while you’ve hung in there. Let’s be together until our 20th anniversary.”

Jooheon wrote, “To Monbebe, It’s already our two year anniversary.♥ Wow…It’s awesome. I, Lee Jooheon, will work harder! Congratulations on the two year anniversary. ♥”

I.M wrote,  “To Monbebe that I love, From 2015.5.14 to two years…In the time we laughed and cried together, flowers bloomed and the earth [revolved around the sun] twice. I like the time we’ve spent together, regardless of what we do, so let’s be together for a long time. I love you.”

MONSTA X has come a long way since debuting in 2015 with “Trespass.” The group is seeing a steady rise in popularity, recently reaching 1 million followers on Twitter.  MONSTA X will kickoff their first world tour this summer with U.S. concert dates in LA, San Francisco, Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas, and New York.

Congratulations to MONSTA X and Monbebe on their two year anniversary!

Check out the original Twitter post below.

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