Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

Monbebe Welcomes Back Monsta X’s Joohoney With “Red Carpet” Billboard Debut


Fans give Monsta X‘s Joohoney a grand welcome!

The group’s dedicated fans, called “Monbebe,” streamed the singer’s song entitled “Red Carpet” as an affectionate gesture to herald his return. Their combined efforts paid off after they successfully managed to snag the 16th spot off Billboard’s “Digital Song Sales Chart” for April 11th, 2020!

Joohoney took some time off in January for the sake of his mental health. He recently began taking up public activities, alerting fans to his upcoming return as an artist. The idol even took part in writing and producing a song for Starship Entertainment‘s newest boy group called Cravity which will be debuting with “Break all the Rules” today, April 14th KST.

Monsta X is gearing up for a comeback this May with their new album, Fantasia X.

Watch the music video here!

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MEDIA: Starship Entertainment