Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

Minzy Expresses Affection For 2NE1 In New Photoshoot with Nylon Korea

Gong Minzy expressed her affection for 2NE1 in a recent interview and photoshoot with NYLON Korea.

In an interview released on June 24th, when asked what she had gone through since her breakup with her former company, Minzy said, “I felt like I grew up more as a human being through various events and situations. Now, I can do everything on my own. The idea that I no longer become something for someone, but that I have found the way to go. I’ve become stronger now.”

When asked if Blackjacks could see 2NE1’s performance once again, she said, “The members sometimes tease each other like, ‘Yes, we should do it before we become grandmothers.’ If we have a chance, we want to be cool and united.”

Meanwhile, Minzy returned with her second single, “Lovely.”

Check out Minzy’s photos below!

Media: NYLON Korea


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