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Mini K-POP In Atlanta Brings Amazing Performances To Local Event


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Atlanta had the opportunity to witness another Kpop event recently! This time around, the fun event was held here by SJ Victory Media!

The event, held in December, showcased the great talent that can be found here in Atlanta — ranging from musicians, singers, and even dance groups! The talent was endless at the magnificent event, and we are sure this is just the start of discovering all the amazing talent that lives here in the Atlanta area.

SJ Victory Media is an up-and-coming entertainment company based in Atlanta. This December event was the first one held by SJ Victory Media in the area. However, it will most certainly not be the last!

There were many performances planned to keep the party going at DISH Korean Cuisine, an award-winning, modern restaurant featuring traditional Korean food. It is located in Chamblee, Georgia. Apart from all the fun performances from local artists, the highlight of the event came in the shape of a surprise visit from an extremely special guest whom is very dear to SJ Victory Media! Hmmmmm….makes us wonder who else might pop in for future events?!

The event kicked off with great performances. The first being 소리누리 (So Ri Nu Ri), a traditional group that played Korean instruments like the gayaguem, geomungo, and the haegeum! Many foreigners are not very familiar with these Korean instruments, but they are definitely beautiful and leave a sound in listeners’ hearts that is very unique to the Korean culture!

Next up was D2, a dancing duo of two sisters named Diamond and Destiny. They danced to a Kpop medley, bringing a fun vibe to the audience. For those that saw the Kpop World Festival 2017 in Changwon, these talented sisters were a part of the dance quartet that represented Atlanta at the festival in Korea last year!

After these visual performances, next came beautiful vocal performances! Meme Lee and her guitarist Eric did covers of Bolbbalgan4’s “Galaxy” and Narsha’s “I’m In Love.” Following that was Strawberry Silk who sang and performed GFRIEND’s “Navillera” and ASTRO’s “Innocent Love”! Each performer put their own twist on the songs and performed them beautifully!

To give the crowd a break between performances, the audience got a chance to be interviewed and get involved by winning prizes. After the fun interviews, the Korean Grade School Academy Dance Team performed a great Kpop medley! The group was giving high energy and performed to a few favorite hits!

To slow things down for the last few performances, Billionaire sang and beautifully performed “우아해” by Crush. He was followed by a performance from Kevin Chung and his band mates as they performed “No Make Up” by Zion.T and “Beautiful” by Crush!

Although it was the end of the performances by local artists, the show was not quite done yet! SJV ended the night with a bang as Charity Bryant, another Kpop World Festival U.S. representative, came up and sang “I Will Show You” by Ailee and definitely amazed the crowd for the end of the event! We knew Atlanta was full of talented people, but wow! Who knew there were so many great dancers, singers, performers?

From a company that covers both Korean and U.S. news, hosts events, and much more, fans should be expecting great stuff in 2018 from SJ Victory Media!

To be more involved, the company is actually looking for a few positions to fill. The first being a a sales marketer (full time, paid position), and the others are two internship positions. If you like writing articles or writing in general, a journalist internship is available. However, if you like being up to date with news and are not camera shy, a reporter/MC internship is also available. For those that are interested, contact SJV at Make sure to include your resumes. If you’re going for the MC position, they ask you send in a 30-40 second clip of you reporting news of any kind. For more information, visit their English and Korean sites and or!

They can also be found through Facebook by clicking here. You can follow them on Twitter at @SJ_Victory7 or on Instagram at @sj_victorymedia. They also have a YouTube channel you can subscribe to, to keep up with their news/shows, etc!

From a surprise visit from such a well-known and popular guest to amazing performances, there was so much to see at this fun event in Atlanta. For those who missed the awesome experience, you can check it out in a special video.

Did you attend the event? What did you think? Let us know in the comment section below!

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