Sun. Jul 21st, 2024

LISTEN: VIXX’s Ravi And Chungha Share Positivity In Their New Track “Live”

VIXX‘s Ravi and Chungha have come together for an exciting new track!

On February 18th, Ravi and Chungha released their collaboration song, entitled, “live.” According to Ravi, the track’s purpose was to empathize with people who are having a hard time and encourage them to go on living. He wants to give them the message that he will always love them, despite anything that happens.

The pair previously stirred fans with pictures that revealed them working together. “live” is already available on various music streaming websites.

Watch Ravi and Chungha’s talk about their new song below.

In the meantime, support the artists and listen to their new song here!

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MEDIA: Jellyfish Entertainment