Sat. Jul 20th, 2024

LISTEN: TARGET’s Boun Wants To Take “A Walk At Dawn” In New Self-Composed Song

Lead vocalist Boun of KJ Music Entertainment‘s boy group, TARGET, has released a self-composed track through his personal SoundCloud on September 16th KST.

The song is titled “새벽산책,” which means “A Walk At Dawn” or “Dawn Walk,” was written and composed by Boun with the help of his friend R.Krazy from the producing team, AllrndOne.

R.Krazy has worked on songs for K-pop artists like Seven O’Clock and Saturday. He has also been a prominent producer of original songs featured on the Chinese “Produce 101-style” survival show “Youth With You 2″ earlier this year.

This acoustic track features Boun’s sweet voice over a rhythmic guitar, both of which come together harmoniously. Infused into the song is an effortless warmth that will make you feel fresh and renewed, just like the dawn referenced in the song title.

Listen to the uplifting track below!

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Justin is a K-pop fanboy from Australia who loves underrated and lesser known groups. Lately he’s been engrossed in a first-time watch of the tv show E.R, as well as about his 900th rewatch one of his all-time favourites Desperate Housewives. He’s also spending his time making playlists and playing remastered versions of his favourite video game series which most recently has been Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2. 

MEDIA: KJ Music Entertainment